Why we chose to add Coolsculpting Elite to our Aesthetic Practice

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This is Dr Dale Prokupek MD from Aesthetic Body Solutions and our company has made made the decision to go ahead and purchase the new Cool Sculpting Elite.

It was a decision that we made, we didn't make lightly. These these machines are very expensive and so we wanted to make sure that it was really an upgrade that the that the that the patients would get a better value and that we, as healthcare providers would have a safer procedure, a more efficient procedure and that we could be very sure that we were giving the customers what they needed.

And so a lot of research and effort went into this. And so I'm gonna show you our thinking process about why we did what we did and hopefully it'll help you make a decision about whether you decide whether the new Cool sculpting Elite is a good fit for you.

So first thing I'm gonna do is show you here these are the legacy Cool sculpting machines and these have been around 10, 15 years, I think we've had them about seven or eight years. And the first thing you're gonna see is that each one of these machines has a single wand. Okay. And most uh med spas or Doctor's office only have one machine. We have two, which is great. And the reason that's important is because if you want to do both of your love handles, for example, you have to have either you have to have two machines in order to do them simultaneously or you have to do one, it takes about an hour and then youhave to do the second one and you have to change it over.

So um if you don't have to machines it can take a lot of time, especially because usually you have more than one cycle per body part let's say. So um so that is one uh one determination, 11 aspect we took into consideration. The second thing is you can see how bulky these machines are, so it takes up a lot of room.

The second the third thing is see how heavy these um these wands are, they require this wire to to keep them held absolutely don't drag on the floor. And that's important because when we put these forms on a person we have to be able to secure this because if we don't secure it um they could fall off and if they fall off then we have to restart again. And unfortunately um if they do fall off after a certain amount of time, we when we start again we have to charge the patient another charge. And the reason for that is because of each time we do a cycle we have to pay the company a certain amount of money. And so we have to unfortunately pass that along to the customer.

So we have to be very careful. But even if we're very careful and we do everything right uh if the patient moves or if the suction isn't correct or if the the form, it doesn't conform to the body in a really perfect way it's gonna fall off.

Okay, so um those are, so the biggest limitations I would say to the legacy system. Okay, alright, everybody, So here is the brand new cool sculpting elite. And so the first thing I notice is how beautiful the machine is, it's sleek, it's modern, it's advanced. You'll also notice that there's only one machine, and the reason for that is because one machine now gives you two wands. And so uh we're going to be able to do both sides of your body at the same time and that will help us get a very symmetrical result. Uh The second thing that you're gonna see here is that the the the the wands are much much lighter. You don't need those big wire uh holders to keep things in place much more ergonomically designed. It's much lighter, so much easier for them for the forms to stay on your body and much less likely to fall off.

The next thing you're gonna see. Yes, that is that unlike thelegacy machines, there's many, many different forms. And the reason that's important is because the success of cool sculpting is always dependent upon how well this form fits on your body. And we all know that everybody has different body types, body shapes, different contours. And so the better the form can contour your body, the better the results you're gonna get. And so with more forms, uh more body parts and uh better results for the body parts that we do do now the cool sculpting traditionally most people do is that the abdomen, right the front and then the flanks. But with the advances in the technology of the cool sculpting, you can now do um you can do inner thighs you can do bra fat, uh you can do breasts uh for men and women. Uh and then there's uh small little areas we can do the chin uh and just a lot of other body parts.

It's FDA approved for nine different body parts at this point. So um that's a really bigplus when we're trying to achieve the patient's goals. Another thing you would see if you were to compare this to the Legacy one is just that there's about 20 more surface area in here. And so For the same body part or the same size, you're getting about 20 more coverage area. And that's important because Uh it means that you'll get about 20 more effect per treatment area or per treatment cycle.

And that's great because anyone who has ever had cool sculpting knows that a lot of cases you need more than one treatment per body site, but with the new handles, it's a much better value because you're gonna get about 20better result per treatment. And uh in addition to the fact that they're less likely to fall off and the fact that you can do both of them at the same time, you're going to get a much better value. Much more efficient manner. Much less time. And you're gonna end up with fewer sessions. And uh you as a patient are gonna be ultimately uh more satisfied with the results and it's gonna be a much better value. Mm hmm.

Okay, so just uh you stopped and we're really excited to be one of the few companies in the Los Angeles area that have this new cool sculpting elite and we're really proud of it. We feel like we've done are just just to wrap things up were the reason we we we decided upon it is because you're gonna get twice the benefit during a single session. You're gonna get 18 to 20 bigger coverage area. So you're gonna get twice the results in the same amount of time, you're going to get a bigger result in the same amount of time, you're gonna require fewer treatments to get the same result. And uh at the end I think you as a patient are going to be much more satisfied with the results and at a much better value.

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