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What is PRP therapy for hair loss?

Even in Beverly Hills, CA, hair loss is a major concern for many men and women. Your hair loss may be brought on by genetics, age, hormones, health conditions, stress, or from styling practices and/or products. At Aesthetic Body Solutions, our board-certified internist, Dr. Dale Prokupek, offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments with Eclipse microneedling to help your hair regrow. By separating out your healthy growth factors and bioactive proteins from your own blood, Dr. Prokupek can apply or inject the newly made PRP to strengthen the growth of your hair follicles. Call for a consultation in our Beverly Hills, CA office with Dr. Prokupek today for healthier hair growth.

What Are The Benefits Of PRP Therapy For Hair Loss?

At Aesthetic Body Solutions, Dr. Prokupek and his team can help stop hair loss and regrow hair with PRP therapy which has a number of benefits, including:

  • Using your body’s own healing powers
  • Targeting the root cause of hair loss
  • Producing results that are natural-looking
  • Treatments are personalized to your unique needs
  • Treatment sessions are quick and easy
  • No surgery
  • No medications or chemicals
  • No scarring
  • No long recovery period

am i a candidate for PRP therapy for hair loss?

Any person with hair thinning or who recently started losing their hair may be a candidate for PRP treatments. PRP is best used for patients with short-term hair loss or areas of "poor quality” hair growth on the scalp. Your hair follicles must be functional to have success with PRP hair regrowth therapy. PRP does not sprout new hair, but it will enhance the growth of existing, healthy hair follicles.

how does prp therapy for hair loss work?

As a minimally invasive process, the PRP treatment is performed in a 60-minute in-office visit. The appointment will begin with our team acquiring a vial of your blood and putting it in a specialized machine called a centrifuge. This machine spins the blood at high speeds to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood factors. Next, a local anesthetic is administered before the platelet-rich plasma is introduced into regions of your scalp. Microneedling may also be performed on the scalp to cause micro-traumas and micro-channels to the skin. This permits the PRP to penetrate deep into the layers of the scalp and enrich your growing hair follicles.

When will I see results from Prp for hair loss treatments?

Patients may develop some redness, minor swelling, and mild tenderness to the treated areas after PRP. These symptoms can last up to two days. While outcomes differ for every patient, cosmetic results are most often noticed around 4 – 6 months after the first treatment. Hair growth should continue to improve for as much as a year following therapy. Follow-up PRP sessions are suggested by Dr. Prokupek as needed.

prp therapy for hair loss faq

Can PRP be combined with other hair treatments?
Dr. Prokupek will assess your scalp and level of hair loss before creating your custom PRP therapy plan with other treatments. He will discuss his recommendations for what in-office treatments are best for your hair and anything you can do at home that might help your hair grow in between appointments.

How often should I get PRP treatments?
Most patients need at least four PRP treatments performed one month apart to see results. Your specific PRP program will depend on your hair follicles and your goals. Based on this, Dr. Prokupek can recommend how many PRP treatments you will need and how often you should schedule them. He may recommend more treatments initially and then decrease them in frequency if appropriate. Patients typically see visible results of natural hair regrowth within several months.

Are the PRP injections painful?
While the serum is being prepared, we can topically numb your scalp to keep you comfortable during the PRP injections and microneedling. This should minimize your discomfort during the session. Your scalp may remain numb or tingle for a while after your PRP injections. This is temporary, and the feeling in your scalp should return shortly after your appointment.

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To find out more about PRP for hair loss, we welcome you to contact our Beverly Hills, CA office at Aesthetic Body Solutions today for an appointment. Dr. Prokupek would like to provide you with effective solutions for your hair loss, and he can consult with you to see if PRP is a solution for your aesthetic needs.

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