What Are the Common Side Effects of BOTOX®?

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With the rising popularity of zoom calls, dating apps, and other social media, it is easy to understand why more women and men turn to cosmetic injectables to rejuvenate their appearance. Have you been considering BOTOX to smooth out wrinkles and diminish aging skin signs but wonder what kind of side effects may occur? You are not alone, and your concerns are completely normal when thinking about this elective procedure. BOTOX is one of the most sought-after minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatments used by countless men and women in Beverly Hills, CA. When deciding to book your first "wrinkle relaxer" appointment, it is essential to know how it works and what possible BOTOX side effects may occur.

Read on to learn more about BOTOX areas and what you can expect from the wrinkle-reduction treatment afterward from board-certified internist Dr. Dale Prokupek and the expert team at Aesthetic Body Solutions in Beverly Hills, CA. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact our office in Beverly Hills, CA to schedule your BOTOX consultation today.

What does BOTOX do?

BOTOX is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments performed every year in this country. It is a purified strain of Botulinum toxin that is highly effective and safe when administered in small doses into a targeted area. BOTOX is a neurotoxin that relaxes the targeted muscles to smooth out wrinkles created with repetitive facial movements, such as squinting, frowning, smiling, or laughing, which over time cause dynamic wrinkles. Whether you want to take back your appearance or have started to notice the facial signs of aging, BOTOX injections can help. The most common BOTOX areas are:

  • Between the eyes or brow area
  • Forehead
  • Sides of the eyes
  • Sides of the nose ("bunny lines")
  • Chin or neck area

What BOTOX side effects may occur?

The effects of a single treatment of BOTOX generally last 3 – 6 months, allowing patients to enjoy smoother skin and fewer fine lines and wrinkles in the treated area. The results typically begin to appear within a few days afterward, but full effects may not be visible for about a week. Beverly Hills, CA patients are asked to wait 1 – 2 weeks to allow the BOTOX injection to take hold before seeking a touch-up treatment with Dr. Prokupek While this cosmetic injectable is relatively safe, there are some possible mild to moderate BOTOX side effects to be aware of, such as:

  • Slight bruising, swelling, or redness at the injection site
  • Slight headache
  • Upset stomach or nausea

Will swelling after BOTOX injections go away?

In most cases, any reaction to this neurotoxin generally stays around the BOTOX areas or injection sites. Mild pain, bruising, and swelling are common symptoms after treatment, which is why patients should avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours afterward. It is also recommended that patients not touch the injection sites and sleep in an upright position to prevent additional swelling. Most BOTOX side effects are usually temporary and should begin to dissipate within a few days. If you consider BOTOX for a big event, allow at least two weeks before allowing any redness or swelling to fade.

Do you need a qualified injector for BOTOX in Beverly Hills, CA?

It is entirely normal to be curious about temporary BOTOX side effects before this aesthetic treatment. However, finding a qualified, experienced injector is an important step in the process. At Aesthetic Body Solutions in Beverly Hills, CA, we care about each patient and want you to feel comfortable and confident before every procedure. To learn more about this popular anti-aging solution and discover why you will love BOTOX, contact our experienced team at Aesthetic Body Solutions in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule your consultation with board-certified internist Dr. Dale Prokupek today.

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