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What Are Vitamin Injections?

Have you been told that you need to consider vitamin injections to improve your health? At Aesthetic Body Solutions, our board-certified internist, Dr. Dale Prokupek, offers Vitamin B-12, B-complex, C, D, and folic acid injections to his Beverly Hills, CA patients. We offer these megavitamin injections to help our patients be healthier, have more energy, and look better in the process. If you would like to know if you qualify for vitamin injections, please call and schedule an appointment at Aesthetic Body Solutions today. 

Do I need vitamin injections?

You will need to have a medical exam with Dr. Prokupek to determine if you are a candidate for vitamin injections. He will decide what vitamins will be most beneficial for your health.

Vitamin Injection Technique

Your injections will take place in an office visit. We give vitamin injections intramuscularly. 

After Your Vitamin Injections

Dr. Prokupek will set up a schedule for you to come in and have your vitamin injections as needed.

Vitamin Shots FAQs

Can anyone receive vitamin injections?
Generally, vitamin injections are safe. Our team will go over your medical history before deciding what combination of vitamins are suitable for you.

Are there any blood tests that need to be done before considering vitamin injections?
In some cases, blood testing is required before IV administration. This is especially pertinent for patients who would like to receive high doses of certain vitamins or to see if there are nutrient deficiencies present.

Are there different combinations of vitamin injections I can take?
Yes. Dr. Prokupek may designate one or a combination of vitamins for you to have injected for your treatment. He will create a treatment plan based on what your body needs to be healthy.

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Take a shot with vitamins

If you would like to discuss vitamin injections as a supplementation to your health, please call our office at Aesthetic Body Solutions in Beverly Hills, CA. Depending on what your medical needs are for vitamin injections, Dr. Prokupek will prescribe and administer your vitamins to fight a deficiency or boost your health. 

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