PRP For Men


Bring back thinning hair and receding hair lines

Do you have thinning, or wispy hair that is affecting your quality of life and self-esteem? Historically, there have been very few avenues to combat this problem. People have used Propecia and Rogaine with limited to moderate success while enduring high cost and lifetime daily treatments with no guaranteed success.

PRP is the solution! It is quick, easy and has excellent proven results.

PRP also known as (platelet rich plasma) has been around for many years. It works by concentrating the potent growth factors in your blood and injecting them into the area around your thinning hair follicles. High quality studies have shown remarkable results in as little as 4 treatments spaced a month apart. The procedure is simple and essentially pain free and best of all there is no down time. We simply draw your blood, spin it in a specialized centrifuge and inject it into the thinning areas of your scalp. The PRP activates your stem cells and stimulates new hair growth.

Individual Results May Vary

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